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Wiimmfi maintenance in November

Wiimmfi will move to new hardware from November 11th to November 17th, 2019. No tournaments should be planned in that week! → Details!
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Usage, match, console and player counters

There are 4 counters for each month and region:
usage counter
Every time, a console enters a region, the counter is incremented. This counter exists since August 2015 and is managed by server MASTER.
match, console and player counters
Since October 2016, server SV knows much about Mario Kart Wii rooms and is able to detect races.

At every race start, the match counter is incremented, the number of consoles in the room is added to the console counter and the number of players (1 or 2 players at a console) is added to the player counter.

And so you can select between 5 statistics:

AutoBan Detection

Tool mkw-ana can detect cheats and other manipulations by analysing the traffic between the Wiis and the servers and is able to automatically ban players. Each region owner can decide, what mkw-ana should detect and report to Wiimmfi:

'B' (Basics)
Enable kicks with minimal bans for too large lags. A start point analysis is also planned to detect wrong tracks (wrong distributions). There is no reason to disable this protection. This is not impemented yet.
'G' (Glitches)
Enable little bans for using not allowed glitches. It can only used for distributions, which support the original tracks at the original slots.
'C' (Cheats)
Enable bans for different kinds of cheats. The dragable Spiny (blue) Shell is allowed.
'S' (Speed)
Enable bans for too fast players (speed hacks). This is not impemented yet.

The distribution of regions is manged by the page »Custom Track Regions« of the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki. Additonally there is a discussion topic »Race types and Regions« at

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